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Frozen Yoghurt

No sugar- Low Fat- Less lactose -High Protein-High Calcium Made from fresh cow’s milk and contain an average Fat content of 6%, Cultured Solid non fat of milk 14% and with a total solid content of 46%.We maintain a lowest over run [air] in yoghurt ice cream to ensure a better taste and nutrition giving more solid content in a portion of ice cream. We use Bee honey and natural Fig for flavoring. Price As we do not have retail selling and availability at food stores which minimize our distribution cost we offer our products only through our ice cream parlors for affordable prices. Available Yoghurt Gelato- Fig Miele We serve at parlours Take away packs Cones with Nuts - Rs.60 Double with Nuts & Fruits-Rs.150 Treble with Nuts & Fruits-Rs.200 500 ml—Rs.200